With his third book, Stefano Chiassai, international fashion designer, searches for new variations of the iconic denim, in the sphere of men's tailoring.


Denim becomes the ‘playground for contaminations’

With the collaboration of over 30 Italian companies, Stefano Chiassai tells his original interpretation of the most widespread fabric on the planet.

The book is divided into ten chapters in which Stefano tackles different design methods while multiplying, modifying and juxtaposing the elements that traditionally make up the garments. It shows what is usually hidden, stretching and deforming the proportions, combining patterns and materials, showing the reader how to build a very personal design alphabet.

The book includes also an interview by Claudio Marenco Mores and critical texts by Paola Maddaluno, Bruno Casini, Antonio Mancinelli and Claudio Marenco Mores. The preface is by Carlo Capasa.

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